BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Day 3 concluded last night. The tournament still has a lot of surprises left before the final week starts in Week 4. The teams which failed to put up a good show in Week 2 are fighting gloriously. Especially Global Esports who finally won a WWCD last night. The organization is a big name in Indian esports and everyone was expecting to see them rule the battlegrounds. After poor performances in the first two weeks of the tournament, it looks like they are finally catching up.

The final day of the qualifiers for Week 3 in the BGMI Masters Series will be played today. The top 16 teams will be playing through the weekend to win the weekly finals. The competition is being watched by thousands of people and has given esports national-level credibility. The teams are burning the midnight oil to win the competition and make it known that esports is like any other sport where only passion, hard work, and perseverance matter.

Here are all the highlights of Week 3 Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series:

Match 1- Erangel

Group- A&B

Winner- Chemin Esports

MVP of the match- Ghxsty

The first match of the day started in Erangel and was won by Chemin Esports. The team who have been decimating everyone in the Week 3 qualifiers finished the match with 11 kills. Global Esports also took the stage and claimed a total of 21 points from the match while another big name FS Esports took home 17 points from the match. The MVP was awarded to Marcos Gaming’s Ghxsty who got 6 finishes and 894 damage points.

Match 2- Sanhok

Group- A&B

Winner- Blind Esports

MVP of the match- Sensei

Blind Esports won the second match in Sanhok. The team knocked out seven opponents from the game. However, Team XO got the highest points from the match with 11 finishes. The points claimed by OR, Orangutan, and Enigma Forever in the match were 14, 13, and 11 respectively. The MVP was awarded to Team XO’s Sensei who got 5 finishes and 869 damage points.

Match 3- Miramar

Group- C&B

Winner- Global Esports

MVP of the match- Admino rivalry 6 fin 868 dmg

The last match of the night was played in Miramar. Global Esports won this match which gave them their first Chicken Dinner in the tournament. They got a huge number of 12 finishes and 27 points from the match. FS Esports finished the match in second position with overall 19 points and GodLike Esports finished third with 13 points.