Captain's Decision:

Captain Tom Latham's decision to chase in their recent match against South Africa was a strategic one. Despite the loss, neither Latham nor Glenn Phillips had regrets about their approach. 

They believe in their strong bowling lineup's ability to restrict opponents to chaseable targets.

"At the end of the day, we chose to do a toss what we thought was best on this pitch with the information that's been given," Phillips said. “And that's what we go by every game,” said Phillips.

While South Africa is undeniably formidable when batting first, Phillips felt they had a highly skilled bowling lineup, and there was every reason to believe that they could have limited them to a target that would have been more manageable to chase.

“Obviously South Africa are incredibly strong batting first, but we've got an incredibly good bowling line-up and there was no reason that we couldn't have restricted them to a total that could have been a lot easier to chase on there,” added Phillips.

“Playing on at the end, I definitely thought it got better as well. So, I think had things gone slightly differently, we could definitely have come a lot closer than we did today,” he added further.

Resilience and Positivity:

Despite the challenging circumstances, New Zealand remains positive and focused. They trust their brand of cricket and their ability to fight back when it matters most. 

Glenn Phillips believes if they stay committed to their core strengths and maintain their focus on the field, things will work out in their favor.

"It's just two wins away, and that hopefully puts us in third or fourth place, potentially even second," Phillips said. “So, I think if we can just keep sticking to our basics, what we do best on the field, everything will be all right.”

He emphasizes the importance of staying level-headed and sticking to their strengths.

“We try to remain level-headed throughout everything, not ride the highs too high and the lows too low. So, I think for us, it's go about our business as we've done the whole way through, just keeping things simple, sticking to what we do best,” said Phillips.

"Obviously, England, Australia, South Africa, they all play a very aggressive brand of cricket and we've got our own brand and if we stick to it, we know that we're fighters, we keep coming back time and time again, and when it matters most, we really put the foot down," he added.

New Zealand's fighting spirit and resilience are evident in their World Cup journey. With two crucial matches on the horizon, they are determined to secure a spot in the semi-finals. 

Despite injuries and fielding woes, the Kiwis remain fighters who keep coming back when it matters most.