Lack of NRR Information

During the post-match press conference, Jonathan Trott revealed that the match officials had not communicated the intricate NRR calculations to his team. 

He stated, "We were never communicated those calculations. All we were communicated was we needed to win in 37.1 overs. We weren't told what the overs in which we could get 295 or 297. [That we could win in] 38.1 overs was never communicated to us."

While teams typically rely on match officials for information, NRR calculations are usually well-understood and managed by the team's analysts. This lack of awareness in such a critical situation highlights the need for better communication and clarity in international cricket.

No Single Reason for Exit

Despite the unexpected exit, Jonathan Trott refrained from attributing Afghanistan's elimination to a single factor. He acknowledged that there were various aspects of their game that could have been improved, both in the match against Sri Lanka and their first game against Bangladesh, where they conceded a substantial first-innings total of 334. 

Trott stated, "I don't think there's one reason we lost the game. There are areas of the game we could have done better [in] and that goes for today's game and the one against Bangladesh. We got some things horribly wrong in a few areas and it's cost us. It'd be nice if we'd bowled them out a bit cheaper. But it wasn't to be."

Afghanistan's journey may have ended prematurely in this tournament, but the lessons learned from this experience could prove invaluable in their future campaigns.