An Unbreakable Bond

Having shared the cricket field for countless matches, Anderson opened up about the profound bond he shares with Broad. Their partnership has yielded an astonishing total of 1037 Test wickets, a testament to the trust and support they offered each other. 

Though Anderson was stunned by Broad's decision to retire, he respected his friend's decision. Reflecting on the farewell match, he felt lucky to experience the touching scene that was captured by the adoring crowd when Broad his last ball for a six.

“I was a little bit shocked when he told me but I’ve to respect his (Stuart Broad) decision. He was very clear on what he wants to do. Yesterday morning was really special, going to walk out with him on the field watching his last ball in Test match cricket for six. I thought the crowd was amazing, the ovation he got was incredible and I felt really lucky to be out there and experience it," Anderson said while talking to Sky Sports.

A Journey Worth Remembering

Anderson expressed his gratitude for the incredible journey they embarked on together, adding that he will deeply miss his companion on the field. 

Anderson also acknowledged that their individual successes would not have been possible without the constant backing they provided throughout their careers.

“If we put one photo in our house of our careers, that will probably be that one. We loved playing together. Neither of us could’ve achieved what we have without the other. Yeah, it’s been incredibly special and I’ll definitely miss him,” he added.

Their dynamic partnership and unwavering support have been integral to their successes and contributions to English cricket. The bond they formed transcended cricket, making it an incredibly special relationship.

Stuart Broad's retirement may have surprised the cricketing world, but his partnership with James Anderson remains etched in the annals of cricket history. As they bid farewell to Ashes 2023, their remarkable journey together will be cherished by fans and fellow cricketers alike.