In response to queries about potential changes, especially considering players like Prasidh Krishna, Dravid employs a "narrow-focus" approach. He underlines the importance of honing the mental and physical state of the playing XI, emphasizing the need for a singular focus on the imminent semifinal and, optimistically, the final, should they earn it.

“So now at this stage, it's about just focusing on getting the guys who you think are going to be playing in the XI in the best possible space mentally and physically, to be able to play that semi-final and, hopefully, the final if we earn it,” said Dravid.

As India's campaign unfolds as a harmonious blend of youth and experience, Dravid's role becomes paramount in striking the right balance. The meticulous planning, as revealed by the coach, involves aligning the mindset of the players with the gravity of the knockout stage, creating a seamless transition from the league matches to the more crucial encounters.

"So that will be the single-pointed thinking. There are times for larger-picture thinking and there are times for narrow-focus thinking in my opinion and now's the time for narrow-focus thinking if everyone is fit," he added.

Reflecting on India's remarkable journey in the tournament so far, Captain Rohit Sharma's leadership, backed by Dravid's strategic acumen, has catapulted the team to the top. 

The recent spectacular 302-run victory against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede Stadium showcased India's dominance and set the tone for a potential World Cup triumph.