Shami, however, emphasizes that past victories, such as the remarkable triumph in the Border-Gavaskar series Down Under, should not overshadow the present challenge. The focus remains on the upcoming day, unwavering in their pursuit of victory.

“It doesn't matter what happened in Sydney or Brisbane, we are playing here. We have to think about tomorrow and we will win the match," he added.

“I believe that the Test match should go until the fifth day and maybe until the last session. That's the real test. So we have to bat well and they have to bowl well to save themselves.”

Small Goals for Big Success:

Shami, ever the optimist, believes that the remaining batsmen must approach the challenge with a level-headed mindset. By focusing on playing ball by ball and setting smaller targets, the mammoth 280-run target will appear more attainable.

“If you bat well, 280 runs is not a big score. So I think you should bat normally as a Test match; focus on playing ball by ball. You should not look at the long target. When you keep small goals and targets, you will get more success,” said Shami.

With a twinkle in his eye, Shami acknowledges his readiness to seize the moment and contribute to the team's victory. Recognizing the importance of partnerships, especially in the demanding English conditions, he expresses confidence in the batting abilities of every member in today's Indian cricket team.

“Yes, I am always ready,” the lower-order batter said with a smile. “Especially in England, there is a need to make partnerships. I think everyone can bat in today's Indian team cricket and, hopefully, we will win tomorrow.”