The Art of Mindset

Stoinis notes that Kohli's prowess goes beyond the boundary ropes. The former Indian captain, with an astute understanding of himself, embraces the perfect mindset for each match. 

Whether it means igniting a fiery rivalry or rallying the crowd to his side, Kohli instinctively navigates his mental landscape to bring out his best, every single time.

“Yes, at times it might mean picking a fight or getting the crowd on his side. But it’s very clear to me that he understands himself, understands what his best version is. He is amazing at getting himself into that mindset every game. That’s a special skill that I don’t think many can do. We all work to that. But that’s something that I see in him that I definitely admire,” Stoinis added.

As the Asia Cup beckons, followed by the electrifying World Cup opener against Australia, cricket aficionados worldwide are poised to witness Virat Kohli's indomitable spirit and unmatched skill in action. The stage is set, and the cricketing world eagerly awaits the magic that only Kohli can conjure.