In his response, Curran expressed deep remorse, stating, "Across my decade-long professional career, I have always sought a friendly and respectful relationship with match officials, evident in the absence of prior code of conduct breaches worldwide." 

He added, "I genuinely regret continuing my run-up in Umpire Qureshi's direction, and if my actions were perceived as seeking physical contact."

Acknowledging the impact of his actions, Curran extended an apology to all affected parties, demonstrating genuine remorse.

Cricket Australia's manager has issued a statement on the incident

Cricket Australia's General Manager, Alistair Dobson, underlined the paramount importance of respecting umpires, emphasizing that officials are integral to the sport's essence. Dobson stated, "Umpires are fundamental to cricket, and their respect and appreciation by players at all levels are crucial."

While the appeal was unsuccessful, Sixers' head Rachael Haynes affirmed their acceptance of the punishment. "We acknowledge Tom's breach of conduct, and although we contested the charge's consistency with past offenses, we respect the decision," Haynes remarked, echoing the team's commitment to upholding fair conduct within the league.

Despite the setback, Cricket Australia and the Sydney Sixers aim to move forward, expressing anticipation for Curran's return to the Sixers' lineup after serving his ban, with hopes for a renewed commitment to the game's spirit and principles.