With the ODI World Cup on the horizon, Boult's eyes gleam with determination. His history with the tournament, including appearances in the last two finals, has fueled his hunger to contribute significantly to New Zealand's quest for glory. 

"Definitely as hungry as ever to still represent the country, and hopefully do something special with the guys over the next couple of months. I can't wait," Boult expressed, leaving no room for doubt about his aspirations.

“I have always had this in the back of my mind to come back and work towards an ODI World Cup. There's history involved there. The times we have had in previous campaigns has been very exciting. So just hungry to get involved, and hopefully play a big role,” he added.

Thinking About Lifting Something Shiny

For Boult, the ultimate goal is to lay his hands on the coveted World Cup trophy. His focus is crystal clear – he yearns to recreate the magic of four years ago and bask in the glory that narrowly eluded New Zealand. 

"I'm just thinking about hopefully lifting something pretty shiny that we were pretty close to four years ago. That's the biggest focus," Boult's words echo the ambition that drives him.

As he rejoins the New Zealand squad, the pinnacle for Boult remains the World Cup. His words resonate with respect for the international game and the dreams it fuels. 

“Just pretty grateful to get the experiences across a couple of big tournaments, and it's been different watching the Black Caps games from afar and seeing the guys go out there and take on the international game. I still respect the international game immensely; it plays a big role in any kid trying to come through and play cricket as a dream. The idea of a World Cup is still the pinnacle in my opinion as well,” said Boult.