Rohit Sharma's Dream Team

Karthik went on to underline the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, describing the current squad as "Rohit Sharma's dream team." He shed light on the challenging decisions that Rohit had to make, particularly concerning the selection of players for the 15-member squad. 

Notably, Yuzvendra Chahal, who is highly regarded, was not included, and Axar Patel, who was initially picked but got injured, had to be replaced by Ravichandran Ashwin. These were undoubtedly tough calls, but Rohit Sharma's conviction in shaping the team's composition has borne fruit.

“Rohit Sharma, if he ever had a dream team, this is it. And I say that because there was a tough conversation to be had around Yuzvendra Chahal, who everybody rates very highly but isn't part of the squad,” said Karthik.

"There was Axar Patel, who was picked. Yes, he got injured, but he had to have a conversation saying I'm going for Ashwin. Rohit has had those hard conversations but also had the belief in what he thinks this team should be," Karthik added.

India's magnificent victory against Pakistan propelled them to the summit of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 points table. With an impressive net run-rate of +1.821, they overtook New Zealand, solidifying their status as frontrunners in the tournament. 

As India marches forward in their quest for World Cup glory, the world of cricket watches with bated breath, eager to witness more exceptional performances and unforgettable moments in this prestigious tournament.