Conway describes the cool and banter-filled relationship he shares with Dhoni, cherishing the quirky one-liners and the immense respect Dhoni commands whenever he enters a room.

"The relationship I have with MS is cool; he gives me a lot of banter and chirp, quirky one-liners. Now I’ve started to give it back to him (laughs),” he said.

Conway admires Dhoni's mastery of wicketkeeping, which proved challenging for him to explain due to its innate nature. The humorous episodes during their practice sessions added a unique touch, with Dhoni's effortless skills contrasting Conway's part-time abilities.

“The respect is immense. Every time he walks into a room, there’s an aura around him. You want to talk to him, understand what he has to say because of his status in cricket and what he has achieved. We were fortunate to play a lot of snooker late nights and early mornings,” said Conway

“He’s learnt his craft over so many years and I guess it’s hard for him to explain how he does things because it’s so natural. The sessions were funny. He gives me a lot of banter and chirp, quirky one-liners. What was actually simple for him was so complicated for me since I’m still just part-time. He’s on a different wavelength to how I am when I work on my wicketkeeping. It was all the more incredible because he doesn’t keep at training,” he added.