Despite the disparity in performance across formats, Dravid remains unwavering in his belief in Surya Kumar Yadav's potential as an ODI player. The coach lauded Yadav's talent and reaffirmed the team's confidence in his abilities. 

The coaching staff understands the importance of providing Yadav with ample opportunities in ODI cricket, allowing him to acclimate and find his rhythm in the longer format of the game.

"He is a good player, and we want to give him as many opportunity as we can and then it is up to him to take those opportunities,” Dravid added.

The Bigger Picture:

While India's recent loss to the West Indies might have raised questions, Dravid's approach reflects a focus on the bigger picture. With crucial tournaments like the World Cup and Asia Cup on the horizon, the coaching staff is prioritizing the development of a well-rounded and resilient team. 

“We will always look into the bigger picture and we cannot think about every single game and series. We are not too worried about others opinions, these are the talented boys from our country, they all have performed and come here. It is up to them to take the opportunity when they are given the opportunity,” said Dravid.