Ganguly stresses the importance of continuity and consistency in the selection process. He raises concerns about the selection approach being hot and cold, "My only thing is that selection shouldn't be hot and cold. There has to be continuity and consistency in selection," 

Effective Communication with Senior Players

Ganguly emphasizes the need for selectors to have a clear idea about the future of players like Pujara and Rahane. He believes that open communication is essential, especially when dealing with individuals who have featured in more than 100 Tests for India. 

Ganguly asserts that players like Pujara should be informed about the selectors' plans, whether they intend to continue with established names or pave the way for emerging talents. The same principle applies to Rahane, whose role in the team should be defined with clarity.

 "Selectors should have a clear idea about him (Pujara). Do they need him to play Test cricket anymore or do they want to continue with youngsters and communicate it to him. Somebody like Pujara can't be dropped, then picked, dropped again and then picked. Same with Ajinkya Rahane also," Ganguly said.