reported on October 10, Gill was hospitalized in Chennai when his platelet count fell below 1,00,000 per microliter. However, he was discharged within a day and continued his treatment in the hotel. 

India's batting coach, Vikram Rathour, confirmed Gill's hospitalization during a pre-match press conference in Delhi on October 10 but assured that Gill was recovering well.

Rathour expressed his optimism, stating, "He is recovering well. He was hospitalized, yes, but that was more as a precaution. He is back in the hotel; he is recovering well. So, being monitored by the medical team and whatever update we get, we hope he will recover pretty soon. He is looking good actually."

Furthermore, Rathour added, "Hopefully, Gill will be back in the mix pretty soon."

While Rathour's positive outlook and Gill's journey to Ahmedabad bring some relief to the Indian cricket team, the road to match readiness remains an uphill battle for the young opener. 

Although his vital signs are improving, it is challenging to pinpoint an exact date for his return at this stage.

The source revealed, "Gill's vital signs are improving, and he is on the right path of recovery – 70-80% recovered. Difficult to say when he will return, but things are looking good."

Gill has already missed out on two important World Cup matches for India

Gill has already missed two 2023 World Cup matches against Australia and Afghanistan and is now racing against time to be ready for the highly anticipated clash against Pakistan. 

A return for the Pakistan match seems unlikely at this stage, and the Indian team management will continue to exercise patience.

A senior BCCI official emphasized the importance of Gill's role in the team, stating, "Shubman Gill will be given all the time to recover and regain match fitness. There is no thought of seeking or discussing replacements at this stage, as the management considers him a vital cog in the set-up. Gill is already showing positive signs and is likely to make a return soon."

Drawing a parallel with Australia's approach to Travis Head's injury, the official noted, “Look at what Australia are doing with Travis Head. He is injured, but they haven't ruled him out or sought a replacement. Every chance right now is given to Head to make that return. India too are likely to follow a similar approach when it comes to Gill. He has been one of our most consistent performers in the last year or so.”

Source: CricketNext