reports, the 24-year-old's platelet count has dropped below 1,00,000 per microliter, a condition that has raised eyebrows among cricket fans and experts alike.

Gill's health concerns came to light on October 8 when his platelet count dropped below the normal range. As a precautionary measure, he was hospitalized for observation. 

Fortunately, there is no cause for alarm as Gill has already been discharged from the hospital and is currently resting and recovering in the team hotel in Chennai.

A source close to the situation stated, "Gill’s platelet count dropped below 1,00,000, and he was hospitalized a day before – October 8 – for observation purposes. Nothing alarming there, as he is already back in the hotel on October 9 and continues to receive treatment there. Ever since he has landed in Chennai, all his treatment – from a regular dose of glucose and other procedures – has been happening in the hotel only."

Gill has been ruled out of India's upcoming match with Afghanistan

Gill has been in top form for India in 2023

Gill will be already missing India's match against Afghanistan, as he did not travel to Delhi with the team. This decision was made to ensure continuity of care, as the medical team treating him was based in Chennai. 

The management opted not to transfer him to a different facility and doctor in Delhi, thus prioritizing his health over cricket commitments.

"Travel to Delhi would have meant consulting a new facility and doctor in Delhi. The management didn’t want that to happen and kept him back in Chennai to avoid any needless travel too. He is expected to join the team only when clearance comes from the doctor. Right now, he is under constant watch of BCCI medical team and the doctors in Chennai, who have been treating him ever since he came to Chennai," added the source.

As of now, it seems highly unlikely that Gill will be able to participate in the crucial match against Pakistan. 

However, there is positive news on the health front, as Gill is responding well to the treatment and is on the path to recovery.

"Gill’s vital signs are improving, and he is on the right path of recovery – 70-80% recovered. Difficult to say when he will return, but things are looking good," said the source.

Despite the concerning health situation, there has been no official statement from either the Indian team management or the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). 

The medical update issued on October 9 merely mentioned that Gill would remain in Chennai under the supervision of the medical team, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates on his condition and potential return to the field.