"I've sort of enjoyed the to-ing and fro-ing from Ricky. We had Ricky working with us at Sky (Sky Sports) and the WhatsApp group was going ballistic that night... of all the Australians Ollie Robinson could mention, he mentioned Ricky.

"Our WhatsApp group was very, very funny that night and I can't tell you some of Ricky's responses."

A Call for Composure and Focus

Looking ahead, Nasser Hussain is eager to see how Ollie Robinson responds for the remainder of the Ashes series. He advocates for minimal involvement in the war of words and urges the focus to be on showcasing skills on the field. 

If Hussain were the England captain, he would prefer to have a simple conversation with Robinson, asking him to concentrate on his bowling prowess rather than engaging in off-field controversies.

"I wouldn't be saying anything to Ollie Robinson (if I was England captain), apart from which end would you like to bowl and show us your skills," Hussain said.

"But I might be having a word with the media guy and saying I'm hearing too much from Ollie Robinson off the field and we have 10 other cricketers that can do the press and the media.

"The problem nowadays are the various outlets he might be writing or doing one of the websites…you get asked by various media outlets and then that's magnified on social media.

"Just whoever is in charge, I don't want to be hearing about Ollie Robinson off the field, so can we just keep him away from the press just for the next four Ashes games as it builds through the series and it becomes the centre of attention."

Emotions in Cricket

Understanding the emotional aspect of cricket, Hussain draws parallels to other instances where players displayed their passion on the field. He cites the example of India's Virat Kohli and South Africa's Kagiso Rabada, emphasizing the role of emotion in the game. 

While Hussain personally disapproves of send-offs, he acknowledges that the intensity and emotional investment are inherent in the sport.

"It's the emotion of a cricketer and especially a fast bowler bowling on a turgid pitch in an Ashes battle," Hussain noted.

"The emotion of a moment, like Kagiso Rabada in the face of Joe Root in Port Elizabeth, and I backed him up for that very reason because it's an emotional game and people want to see your emotion as it matters and you should care.

"Look at Kohli in India and the way he reacts, and there is emotion to the sport.

"He (Robinson) gave someone a send-off and I'm never a big fan of send-offs as when you get someone out, that's enough. You've done it. You've got him out and you don't have to tell him where the pavilion is."