Highlighting a recurrent issue in Pakistan cricket, Malik expressed concern over the inconsistency in sticking to decisions during the rebuilding process. "We do go in the rebuilding process, but we don’t stick to our own decisions. We don’t work consistently on our decisions," he added.

Former Pakistan cricketer Misbah Ul-Haq agreed with Malik's statement 

Misbah Ul-Haq, Malik's co-panelist and former teammate, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the resistance to constructive criticism even when the team is performing well. "After winning every series and good performances, we are not ready to hear anything about improvement. I am not only talking about the players; it is overall,” said Misbah.

"When the team is winning and doing well, then why are you pointing out? You need consistent improvement, even if you are winning. We should point out the areas where we can work," he emphasized.

Misbah also addressed the vulnerability of Pakistan's spinners, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging weaknesses. "When your pacers were doing well, they covered the weakness of our spinners. As a team management, you do keep an eye on things that are not working, where we need improvement," he explained.

"In the pressure situation against big teams, those things will haunt you. Then again NRR things will come up," Misbah concluded, calling for a more proactive and self-reflective approach within the Pakistani cricket system.