Delving into the technical aspects of spin bowling, Manjrekar explained that in the 50-over cricket, where pushing the ball for singles and doubles is more prevalent than big hitting, a spinner who can consistently take wickets while batters are in the process of pushing the score is invaluable. In Manjrekar's view, Kuldeep Yadav possesses the skills to excel in this scenario.

"In T20 cricket, that is something you see very often. That's how spinners get wickets. In 50-overs cricket, it's a game where you push more than you actually slog. So a spinner capable of getting those wickets is Kuldeep Yadav. So he is sort of my first-choice wrist-spinner in the playing XI and then I will be looking at other options," Manjrekar concluded.

Rare Possibility of Playing Both Chahal and Kuldeep Together

Although Manjrekar acknowledged the potential for playing both Chahal and Kuldeep together in certain circumstances, he believed it was unlikely, except when the opposition had a glaring weakness against wrist spin. In such cases, India could field both talented spinners in their playing XI.

"I don't think so. Very rarely it can happen depending on the opposition. If there is a real weakness in the opposition to play wrist-spin, then you have Kuldeep Yadav and Chahal both playing in the XI," Manjrekar said on ESPNcricinfo.