Tendulkar's Joyous Applause: Celebrating Indian Greatness

Sachin Tendulkar, known for his humility and sportsmanship, took to social media to express his joy over Virat Kohli's exceptional achievement. 

The master blaster shared his happiness at an Indian cricketer surpassing his record, emphasizing the significance of this milestone occurring in a crucial World Cup semi-final. 

In his social media tribute, Tendulkar delved into the past, reminiscing about his first interaction with a young Virat Kohli in the Indian dressing room. The cricketing maestro shared anecdotes about the respect and admiration he received from the budding talent from Delhi. 

This trip down memory lane not only highlighted Kohli's journey from a promising young cricketer to a record-breaking captain but also showcased the seamless transition of cricketing greatness within the Indian team.

As Virat Kohli's bat did the talking on the field, breaking records and earning accolades, Sachin Tendulkar's gracious acknowledgment off the field added a layer of humility to this historic moment. 

In this World Cup semi-final clash, Kohli's century not only propelled India towards victory but also served as a fitting tribute to the shared history and camaraderie of two cricketing titans.