"I'm keeping my options open whether we have Hardik or not. If the situation demands we play three spinners, we will play three spinners. A lot of skillsets can put a brake on the scoring rate in the middle overs. Our spinners have got so much skill in these conditions," he added.

Resting Key Bowlers

Although there is the consideration of resting key bowlers ahead of the knockout stage, Rohit Sharma stressed that the current bowling lineup remains fresh and eager to play. The team's focus is on winning against Sri Lanka to secure a place in the knockouts and maintain a strong position on the table.

"As far as resting for the bowlers is concerned, they are in great rhythm at this point in time," Rohit said. "They don't want to rest. Their bodies are fine. This is the feedback that I've got from all the bowlers. They are happy to play games."

Overcoming Physical Challenges

Despite the extensive travel involved in the tournament, Rohit Sharma noted that the Indian team is enjoying the journey, as it is part and parcel of their role. 

"We are actually enjoying from one end to the other end - it's nothing new for us," he said.

He pointed out that fans' expectations and support serve as motivation for the players, who are proud to represent their country in such a prestigious event.

“And I'm sure all 15 of us - when you travel through India, whether you're playing matches or not, there are people at the airport, in the flight next to you, or anywhere you are traveling, they will talk about your game,”

'We want a hundred.' 'We want to see you winning games, tournaments,' and all of that. I don't think it's pressure, but it's nice that people are expecting a lot of things from us." said Rohit.