"He played domestic cricket, didn’t give up. Waited for his opportunity and I think, in many ways, this IPL has been a sort of liberation for him. It’s allowed him to come out of his comfort zone and play in the manner he has been playing now, freely. There are no cobwebs in the mind, all those have been cleared. He comes out and plays his natural game," Shastri added.

The Team Player

Renowned for his selflessness and unwavering commitment to the team, Rahane's influence extends beyond his on-field performances. Shastri emphasized Rahane's team-first mentality, highlighting his willingness to undertake any role, even as captain, and his immense respect within the dressing room. 

"You have called him the comeback Super King. He is an outstanding team man. He will do anything for the team, even if it's carrying drinks after he has been captain of India, he will do it. And the respect he has from the players in the dressing room is immense. Don’t forget, he was captain of India in that great series in Australia after Virat Kohli went, India won that series," he added.