India's all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, offered an interesting perspective on the game, highlighting how Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan's cautious approach paved the way for India's success. 

According to Pandya, the Pakistan captain and wicketkeeper refrained from taking risks, played conservatively, and failed to assertively challenge the Indian bowlers. 

This approach led to numerous dot balls and allowed India to remain in the game even when the target seemed within Pakistan's reach. 

“Babar [Azam] and [Mohammad] Rizwan were timid,” Hardik Pandya said. “They didn’t take any chances, which is why we thought we were always in the game. There wasn’t much in the pitch for the bowlers. They didn’t try going for shots or attacked us, which is why we were able to bowl dot balls.

Pandya astutely pointed out that when two players adopt a similar, non-aggressive approach, it can open doors for the opposition, making a breakthrough more likely when one of them departs.

“I have seen that if two players bat in the same way, if one gets out, then it opens up a lot of doors,” added Pandya.