"Ek match se meri kaptaani nahi jaaegi na mili thi. (I didn't get the captaincy because of one match, and I will not lose it because of one match)," replied the 28-year-old skipper. 

His calm demeanour resonated with his confident tone, affirming his belief in his leadership.

Babar Azam adeptly handled the first "bouncer" of the presser, an inquiry about Pakistan's record against India in ODI World Cups, where they have yet to secure a win. 

Pakistan captain Babar Azam inspecting the pitch in Ahmedabad, Image courtesy: Pakistan Cricket/X

Babar says that he looks forward to breaking past records 

His response was nothing short of composed and forward-looking, “I don't focus on the past. I try to focus on the future. Such records are made to be broken, and I (will) try to break them. I believe my team did well in the first two matches and will do well in the next matches as well.”

With regards to the pressure that surrounds this lopsided record, often played up in the media and on social channels, Babar lightened the mood by mentioning the deluge of ticket requests he received, stating, "I also got a lot of calls for tickets. Basically, people call me for tickets. We don't take pressure about this (past record) at all."

Despite Pakistan's unbeaten start in the tournament, Babar Azam would have liked to contribute more with the bat. His modest scores of five against the Netherlands and ten against Sri Lanka raised questions about his form in the World Cup. 

In response, he expressed his hope for better performances in the upcoming matches, "My World Cup till now hasn't been as it should have been, but hopefully, you will see some difference in the next matches."

When it comes to Babar's performance against India, where he has managed just 168 runs in seven matches, he pointed out that there are limited encounters between the two cricketing giants. 

"Against India, we only come face to face in the World Cup. There is a big gap. It's not because of a bowler or... I say that I sometimes get out because of my mistake," he clarified.

As the clash approaches, Pakistan will face not only a formidable Indian team but also a sea of passionate Indian fans in the stadium. With no visas granted to Pakistani fans, the visitors will have to rely solely on their on-field prowess and camaraderie.