In response to Raza's allegations, Shami took to Instagram to express his disappointment and criticized the former Pakistani cricketer. Shami asserted that Raza should exhibit some shame for his baseless remarks. 

He further advised Raza to listen carefully to the legendary Pakistan pacer Wasim Akram, who had strongly rebuked Raza's comments after the match.

Wasim Akram had voiced his disbelief at Raza's claims, emphasizing his desire to possess the same cricket balls that were supposedly granting India an advantage. Akram went on to suggest that Raza and the panel had lost their senses.

The controversy surrounding Raza's allegations has added another layer of intrigue to the ODI World Cup 2023, as cricket fans and experts continue to debate the validity of his claims.

Even after being reprimanded by Wasim Akram, Raza's accusations continued. Following India's victory over South Africa, Raza asserted that India had been tampering with the Decision Review System (DRS). He expressed doubts about the legitimacy of Jadeja's dismissal of the in-form Rassie van Der Dussen in relation to the DRS.

In his Instagram story, Shami refrained from providing explicit details but suggested to Raza, as a former cricketer, that he should relish the team's achievements and success.