"I spoke to Stokesy about how he talks to the batters and he said, 'look, it would be perfect for the way you play'."

"I am the guy who goes with the flow. At the moment it's just these two games. so let's see what happens," he added.”

Moeen Ali's Impact: No Maidens, All About Wickets

Embracing the "Bazball" philosophy, England's recent success has been built on role clarity for both batsmen and bowlers. Moeen Ali, known for his wicket-taking abilities, affirmed that he is not in the Test team to play a holding role. 

Ali's approach revolves around taking wickets and building pressure, rather than playing defensively. He expressed confidence that both Stokes and McCullum understand his style of play and the value he brings to the team.

"I have never been able to hold an end up. When I have, it's when I've been taking wickets. That's the only time I have been able to build any kind of pressure. Ben and Baz [McCullum] know that.

"I am sure they know what they are going to get from me. There are not going to be lots of maidens! There might be times when I need to build a bit of pressure. I will just play what's in front of me," Ali said.