The hashtag #GautamGambhir has been trending, with fans eagerly anticipating his return to the franchise. Here are some of the tweets:

However, it is important to note that these reports remain unconfirmed and rumoured, leaving room for skepticism amidst the excitement.

Gambhir's stint with Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and their performance

After retiring from cricket, Gambhir took on the mentorship role at Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) in 2021. Collaborating with KL Rahul and head coach Andy Flower, Gambhir sought to nurture the new franchise. 

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LSG's inaugural season witnessed a promising performance, securing a playoff berth by finishing third in the table. While they couldn't progress beyond the playoffs, the team showcased potential under Gambhir's guidance. 

In the subsequent season, LSG replicated their third-place finish, further establishing Gambhir's ability to shape a team's performance.

Justin Langer's appointment as LSG Head Coach

Lucknow Super Giants have made a significant change in their coaching setup by appointing Justin Langer as their new head coach. Langer takes over from Andy Flower, who had been at the helm since the franchise's inception in 2022. 

After two successful seasons, Lucknow Super Giants decided not to renew Flower's contract and opted for Langer to lead the team forward. Flower's contributions to the franchise were highly valued, and he is currently involved in a consultancy role with the Australian team for the men's Ashes series.

While Langer is new to coaching in the IPL, he brings a wealth of experience and success in T20 cricket. His impressive track record includes guiding the Perth Scorchers to three Big Bash League titles. 

Additionally, Langer was instrumental in Australia's triumph in the T20 World Cup held in the UAE in 2021. Despite his resignation as Australia's head coach in early 2022, Langer's coaching prowess remains highly regarded. 

While Langer's appointment would bring fresh ideas and strategies, it also adds another layer of complexity to the likelihood of Gambhir's return.

Why Gambhir's KKR return won't happen

Amidst the buzz, there are several factors that make this rumour unlikely. One of the key reasons is the reported rift between Gambhir and the management, particularly involving KKR CEO Venky Mysore. Multiple sources have indicated that there has been tension between the two parties, casting doubts on the possibility of Gambhir's comeback.

Furthermore, Gambhir's involvement in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 poses a significant hurdle. As a Member of Parliament from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and one of the prominent faces of the party in the north, Gambhir will need to focus on his political commitments and election campaigns during that period. The Lok Sabha elections may also coincide with the Indian Premier League (IPL) season, which would require adjustments to accommodate the IPL 2024.

Another factor that suggests Gambhir's return is unlikely is the strong bond he shares with Sanjiv Goenka, the owner of Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). In his role as the mentor of LSG, Gambhir has played a vital motivational role and contributed to the franchise's long-term vision. 

Goenka, in his appreciation of Gambhir's impact, highlighted the former cricketer's non-partisan leadership style and his ability to foster a culture of performance. Their positive relationship indicates that Gambhir's focus may remain on his commitments with LSG rather than a potential return to KKR.

Gautam will primarily have a motivational role to play,” Goenka said. β€œHe will also help to create a blueprint for the franchise in the long term. We wanted to have people with a proven track record of success. Gautam has also successfully groomed a generation of youngsters for KKR and that went in his favour.”

β€œGautam has an image of being a totally non-partisan leader with a focus on results. Look at what he did for KKR. Fundamentally we would like the dressing room to be geared towards a culture of performance,” Goenka said.

Considering these factors - the reported rift with the KKR management, Gambhir's political engagements during the Lok Sabha elections, and his strong bond with Sanjiv Goenka - it appears unlikely that Gautam Gambhir will make a comeback to Kolkata Knight Riders.

With these factors in mind, Gautam Gambhir's rumoured KKR return is unlikely. While fans and pundits may be excited about the prospect, the practicalities and circumstances surrounding Gambhir's current commitments and relationships make it a mission impossible for this rumour to turn into reality.