Despite this, Sharma emphasized the team's dedication, expressing the collective desire for a significant triumph after their relentless hard work.

The imminent return of Sharma, along with Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah, to cricketing action marks a pivotal moment for the team. This trio missed the recent white-ball campaign, where India saw mixed results under different leadership.

Sharma talked about the heartbreaking World Cup final loss

Reflecting on the World Cup defeat, Sharma acknowledged the challenge of moving on from such disappointments but credited the encouragement from fans for motivating him to rebound. 

“But obviously a loss like that is hard. But there's so much happening in life. There's so much cricket happening. You've got to find that strength to move on from that. It takes time. It took time for me as well to come out from that. You've got to look forward and honestly, I said it as well, we got a lot of encouragement from the outside world after that final as well. And that motivated me personally to make sure I get up and start doing my job again,” Rohit added.

As the stage is set for a crucial Test series, Sharma and the Indian team aim to channel their determination into a successful campaign, aspiring to etch their names in history by ending the longstanding drought and emerging victorious in South Africa.