“That’s the problem with this England side – they don’t realise when they’re on top. They just carry on with this method. There’s no need for that dismissal."

He urged the England side to play sensibly and make smarter decisions, especially when they are on top.

“If you get a beauty on a pitch like this, then you say ‘well bowled’. But there’s not going to be many beauties bowled on this surface at the minute. Just play sensibly!"

Gower's Call for Smarter Bazball

David Gower echoed the sentiment, expressing his desire for Bazball (a term representing the English cricketing approach) to become smarter. He expressed frustration at seeing players carelessly run down the pitch and lose their wickets despite playing well.

“I want Bazball to get smarter,” former England captain David Gower said. “I’m getting sick of people running down the pitch and missing it when they’re playing well.”