The clash against South Africa is not just another fixture; it's a clash of cricket titans. South Africa, known for their exceptional prowess, especially in the top six, pose a formidable challenge. 

"They (South Africa) have been playing some really good cricket, their top six is really strong and they have pace with the ball. Both teams like (to face) pace on the ball, so it should really be a fascinating contest," added Buttler.

The Winning Formula:

Jos Buttler firmly believes in replicating the brand of cricket that led England to glory in the 2019 World Cup on their home turf. The favorable conditions in Mumbai offer the perfect stage for their brand of fearless cricket. 

It's not just about fours and sixes; the strategy revolves around applying pressure, reclaiming the initiative, and rising above adversity. The English team's intent is to dictate the terms and make every play count, seizing opportunities when the opposition is on the back foot.

"It is a fantastic cricket wicket, so it should suit us," he said. "We want to find ways to make a play and put the opposition under pressure. That doesn't always mean hitting fours and sixes. It means can we push back when the opposition is on top and take the initiative in different ways.

“We know we won't always win but if we can stick to the way we like to play cricket and get the best version of that, we know that is the best chance we have of getting a positive result.”

In the colossal clash awaiting cricket fans, England's resilience, bolstered by Ben Stokes' return, meets South Africa's formidable might. 

The stage is set, the stakes are high, and the world watches with bated breath as these cricketing giants prepare to script another chapter of World Cup history.