The Indian captain has spoken about the immense dedication and hard work done by his team

Expressing the disappointment of falling short in the pinnacle cricketing event, Rohit acknowledged the immense efforts and dedication poured into reaching the finals. He emphasized, "To me, that was the ultimate prize. We have worked all these years for that World Cup."

Despite India's exceptional run throughout the tournament, securing victories in 10 matches, including a remarkable win against New Zealand in the semi-finals, the final encounter saw Australia outshine India. 

Rohit credited the team's stellar performance, expressing immense pride in their outstanding display until the fateful final match.

Elaborating on his absence from subsequent cricketing fixtures, Rohit elucidated, "After that final, it was very hard to get back... I decided I needed to go somewhere and get my mind out of this." He recounted the overwhelming support from fans who shared the team's dream of lifting the World Cup.

Rohit Sharma's heartfelt revelations provide a poignant insight into the mental challenges faced by athletes, reflecting on the resilience and dedication needed to navigate the aftermath of a significant defeat.