Trott emphasized the significance of dedication to improving skills, fielding, and fitness, which he believes played a pivotal role in their victory.

We see that the guys are very fit today and fielding for 50 overs and then Ibrahim [Zadran] batting for 35, close to 40 overs is a great, great credit to him."

Consistency: The Key to Future Success

Despite their sensational victories, Trott emphasized the importance of consistency in all aspects of the game if Afghanistan aims to secure more such wins in the future. 

"I think it's just a message of consistency and not being scared to say, listen, we need to improve in these areas, let's make sure we do this," Trott said. 

He stressed the need for continuous improvement in areas that require attention. Trott's focus has already shifted to planning for the upcoming challenges, showing the coach's commitment to the team's ongoing success.

“And I'm under no illusion that there are areas that need improving, like any side though. So, if we improve at those slowly, I think our all-round package improves and you'll be able to handle the pressure like we've done tonight,”

“I'm looking forward. I'm already sort of thinking about plans for Sri Lanka,” he added.

The Players' Dedication and Professionalism

Trott credited the players for their exceptional performance, highlighting their dedication to self-improvement and professionalism. He lauded the team's fitness regimen and rigorous training.

“But for me as a coach, it's fantastic to be able to sit here. The players deserve a lot of the credit. It's not what I'm feeding them. It's what they're feeding themselves in practice and the way that they think about the game and the professionalism that's building,” said Trott.

"The one thing I would say ... they're very fit. They're working incredibly hard at their fitness and then in the gym, they're not doing beach weights, they're doing proper fitness work and we saw that today with Rahmat being able to field for 50 overs and then bat for the amount of time that he did in that heat, so it's a real credit to the players." he added.

The world eagerly awaits more sensational performances from Afghanistan as they continue their journey in the World Cup and beyond.