Pathan's concerns were highlighted in an email obtained by The Indian Express, which he sent to the office bearers of the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA). Pathan expressed his profound disappointment with More's actions and statements, emphasizing the negative impact they have on the esteemed institution.

The incident in question unfolded during a meeting of the Baroda Cricket Association Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), where More, serving as the chairman, and Pathan, as a member, gathered to appoint a new coach for the Baroda team. 

Pathan advocated for the selection of a local coach for the upcoming season and proposed the name of former Baroda player Connor Williams for the head coach position. However, the CAC did not support Pathan's suggestion.

Pathan penned a detailed letter to draw attention to a matter of significant concern, highlighting an incident involving a Baroda cricket member that he believed was contributing to the deterioration of their esteemed institution. He criticized More's actions and statements, expressing his deep disappointment and unease with the situation.

“I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of utmost concern that unfolded during today’s CAC meeting. It is with great disappointment that I witnessed a particular incident involving a Baroda cricket member that is contributing to the downfall of our esteemed institution. 

The actions and statements made by Kiran More during the meeting have left me deeply unsettled,” Pathan wrote in a long letter.

It further reads, “More’s assertion that he will obstruct Connor Williams from joining the coaching setup of the Baroda Ranji team simply because of a perceived lack of greeting (“He doesn’t say Hello to me”) is, in my opinion, an absurd and petty justification. 

This kind of behavior is unbecoming of a senior figure like More, and it reflects poorly on the values we hold as an organization.”

Pathan urged for a shift in focus towards more significant matters and the betterment of Baroda cricket

In a plea to the cricket association, Pathan urged for a shift in focus towards more significant matters and the betterment of Baroda cricket. He highlighted the commendable achievements of Williams, including his title as a Ranji Trophy champion and his decade-long commitment to representing Baroda cricket. 

Pathan emphasized the importance of acknowledging and respecting Williams' contributions, as it was only appropriate to do so. He reminded everyone involved that the institution's significance extended beyond any individual and underscored the fundamental principle of unity.

Pathan appealed to the decision-makers within Baroda cricket to swiftly intervene and address the issue at hand. He emphasized the imperative of cultivating a professional, respectful, and fair environment within the organization. 

Pathan concluded by urging all parties involved not to allow personal grievances and trivial disagreements to impede the progress and unity of Baroda cricket, particularly highlighting that these incidents occurred in the presence of the Baroda Cricket CEO.