Pujara's Optimistic Outlook

Pujara's outlook on his return to the national squad is marked by patience and persistence. He acknowledged that India's next Test series is scheduled for December, affording him ample time to reclaim his spot. The batter's exclusion was attributed to his lackluster performance in the 2023 World Test Championship Final against Australia in London.

"We are not going to play any more Test matches in the next two-three months' time. The next Test series is in South Africa in December so there is a long way to go, but I’ll try and focus on the next few games and then try and move into the Championships because we have a few important Championships games coming up in September. We have a chance to qualify and that’s the prime focus for us," Pujara added.

Cheteshwar Pujara's recent century reflects his unwavering commitment to reclaiming his spot in India's Test setup. His dedication, patience, and unwavering focus on the present serve as a testament to his determination to don the Indian jersey once again.