1. Pre-Match Spectacle – Aerial Artistry

At 12:30 pm, the ceremony kicks off with a breathtaking acrobatic air show by the esteemed Indian Air Force. Led by flight commander Sidesh Kartik, the Suryakiran Acrobatic Team will astound spectators with a 10-minute aerial display accompanied by captivating music.

2. Mid-Innings Extravaganza – Champions’ Tribute & Musical Ode

During the mid-innings break at 5:30 pm, a 15-minute ‘Champions Parade’ unfolds, featuring iconic former World Cup-winning captains. Notably absent from the list is Imran Khan, the 1992-winning Pakistani captain, who remains in Pakistan. 

This parade of cricket legends is followed by a live performance from music maestro Pritam and a troupe of over 500 dancers.

3. Second Innings Delight – Visual Spectacle

At approximately 8:30 pm, the second innings' drinks break will showcase a mesmerizing 90-second light and laser show, captivating audiences with a dazzling visual experience.

4. Post-Match Grand Finale – Aerial Celebration

Following the match's conclusion, an extravagant fireworks display illuminates the sky, complemented by a unique spectacle: 1200 drones forming the first-ever aerial champions board, crowning the triumphant team in a remarkable display.

With these meticulously planned segments, the ICC ensures an awe-inspiring and immersive closure to the 2023 ICC World Cup, promising a captivating fusion of sport and entertainment for fans worldwide.