Shahidi also downplayed the anticipated rivalry between Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Afghan fast bowler Naveen ul Haq. 


He emphasized the strong bond between the two countries, saying, "India is like our home, it was our home, we played here, and the people of India have shown great love and support for Afghanistan." He pointed out that cricket aggression is a natural part of the game and transcends the India-Afghanistan contest.

A previous on-field altercation between Kohli and Naveen during the IPL had sparked some tension, but Shahidi underscored that this was a normal aspect of the game, with both players exhibiting competitive spirit.

The Afghanistan captain also believes that Afghan batters need to stand out 

During the captain's meeting in Ahmedabad, Shahidi stressed the significance of Afghanistan's batting performance. While Afghanistan boasts a formidable spin bowling attack, he recognized that one department alone cannot secure victories; runs on the board are equally crucial.

One of Afghanistan's most potent spin threats, Rashid Khan, often becomes the focal point for opposition teams. They frequently opt for a cautious approach when facing him to mitigate his potential impact. 

However, Shahidi expressed his faith in Rashid's adaptability and his strategic planning against different oppositions.

As Afghanistan's spin bowlers prepare for their World Cup challenge, the team is fully aware of the need for a balanced and effective performance across all departments to make their mark in the tournament.