A Record-Breaking 106-Meter Six

The record-breaking moment occurred in the fifth ball of the 34th over, with Shreyas Iyer presented with an ideal delivery. Seizing the opportunity, he unleashed a breathtaking straight drive that soared an astonishing 106 meters over the boundary. 

This monumental six surpassed the previous record held by Glenn Maxwell, who had struck a 104-meter maximum against New Zealand.

Shreyas Iyer's extraordinary innings not only thrilled the fans but also played a pivotal role in India's effort to surpass the 350-run mark in their first match at the Wankhede Stadium during the World Cup.

Iyer's colossal six exemplifies the breathtaking moments and incredible performances that the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has brought to cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As the tournament unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate more displays of exceptional skill and remarkable power hitting.