"If I only played when I was 100 per cent, I would have probably played 10 games," he said. "All bowlers around the world deal with stuff, we just don’t have to talk about it like batters do."

Challenges of Two New Balls: Impact on Starc's Performance

Starc attributed his decline in form to the challenges posed by the use of two new balls in ODI cricket. The reduction in the opportunity for reverse swing, a key element of Starc's late-game effectiveness, has affected his overall impact.

"There's a lot of contributing factors," he said. "The wickets have certainly been two very different wickets, what gets through the day and through the night."

"Speed is not the be-all and end-all over here in India as well. How you go about that tactically, and whether it's variations or what time you bowl through a game, or whether you win or lose a toss (can affect potency)."

The pacer acknowledged that he hasn't reached the desired level in this World Cup. Despite the hurdles, Starc remains determined to make a significant impact in the crucial matches ahead. 

"I certainly haven't been at the level that I would have liked. I certainly take some (responsibility) on myself there that, I'm not to the same level as the last two World Cups anyway," Starc added.