The Ashwin Conundrum:

As disappointment filled the hearts of Indian cricket fans, Sachin Tendulkar voiced his bewilderment over the exclusion of Ravichandran Ashwin from the playing XI. 

With Ashwin currently holding the coveted title of the world's number one Test bowler, Tendulkar couldn't fathom the decision made by the team management. 

The legendary cricketer shared his disappointment with the cricketing world, prompting fans and experts to ponder the reasoning behind this unexpected choice.

“I fail to understand the exclusion of @ashwinravi99 in the playing XI, who is currently the number one Test bowler in the world,” his tweet read further.

Tendulkar passionately argued that a spinner of Ashwin's caliber doesn't rely solely on turning tracks to excel. Ashwin possesses the artistry to employ drift in the air and extract bounce from the surface to deceive batsmen. 

His ability to disguise variations without being dependent on specific pitch conditions makes him a formidable force in any matchup. Tendulkar emphasized the relevance of Australia's lineup, consisting of five left-handed batters in the top eight, further accentuating the mystery surrounding Ashwin's omission.

“Like I had mentioned before the match, skillful spinners don’t always rely on turning tracks, they use drift in the air and bounce off the surface to disguise their variations. Not to forget, Australia had 5 left-handers out of their top 8 batters,” Tendulkar added in his tweet.