Rohit's "Umpire's Call" Confusion: Next up, Rohit Sharma found himself in a real LBW jam. Josh Hazlewood bowled a delivery so confusing that even Rohit couldn't decode it! After a bit of DRS drama, the umpire's call left Rohit shaking his head in disbelief. 

He struggled to pick up the delivery from the relentless Josh Hazlewood, managing only six balls before departing.

Iyer's "Caught by Surprise" Exit: Shreyas Iyer then decided it was time to join the party and gifted his wicket to Hazlewood, who was probably just as surprised as we were! 

Twitter reactions:

The top-order collapse sent shockwaves through the Indian camp and left fans in disbelief. As the top-order collapsed, fans couldn't help but turn these cricketing misadventures into hilarious memes. 

This top-order collapse gave birth to a meme-fest. Here are some of the best ones: