"But, as we all know, certain people on social media twisted my words, saying I don't like Babar Azam and I am a traitor," he added.

Kohli, amid a lean phase across all formats, made the decision to relinquish his T20I captaincy after the 2021 T20 World Cup.  

Subsequently, he was removed as the ODI captain later that year. Kohli's step back from leadership allowed him to rediscover his form, focusing primarily on his batting. 

While the pressure mounts on Babar Azam, the question of whether he should follow in the footsteps of Virat Kohli remains unanswered. With a string of losses and diminishing returns as captain, is it time for Babar to concentrate solely on his batting prowess? 

Virat Kohli's resurgence after relinquishing leadership serves as a compelling case study. Babar Azam has the potential to shine as a true batting maestro, provided he takes the path that allows his cricketing abilities to flourish.