He looks like the ultimate competitor: Ponting

What stood out about Siraj's performance was his unwavering commitment throughout the day. Ponting commended Siraj for his relentless running in and refusal to be dispirited, even in the face of Australia's attacking batting. The former cricketer emphasized the importance of having such individuals in a team when the going gets tough.

"I loved seeing that and he looks like the ultimate competitor. Maybe sometimes he gets carried away and goes a little bit over the top, but you need those guys in your side when things aren’t going well,” Ponting told the ICC.

Ponting marveled at Siraj's exceptional attitude and consistency in pace. From the first ball of the morning to the closing stages of the day, Siraj maintained an impressive speed, consistently hovering around the 86 to 87-mile an hour mark. 

"He was the one today who said I am going to be the guy that is going to turn things around and what I loved was that his pace didn’t drop at all during the whole innings,” Ponting stated.

"From the first ball yesterday morning until late this afternoon, his pace was hovering around that 86 or 87-mile an hour mark and that says a lot about a great attitude," he added.