Unmatched Versatility

Gambhir drew attention to Bumrah's exceptional ability to make an impact during various stages of the game. Whether it's with the new ball, in the middle overs, or at the death, Bumrah consistently delivers. 

"Tell me one fast bowler who can make such an impact in every phase. Bowlers bowl well either with the new ball or at the death but Bumrah has the same impact in the middle overs as he has with the new ball or the old ball," said Gambhir. 

In a cricketing world where specialization often rules the roost, Bumrah's versatility sets him apart. He has the capacity to shine no matter when he's called upon, a rare quality that has earned him the title of the most lethal bowler in world cricket today.

With the India-Pakistan clash around the corner, cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate another display of Bumrah's skill and finesse, as he aims to further solidify his reputation as one of the finest fast bowlers in the modern era.