With 10 consecutive victories leading up to the final, Rohit's leadership had been pivotal in uniting the team and formulating successful strategies.

Dravid shed light on Rohit Sharma's unwavering commitment beyond his on-field performances. The captain's accessibility, active participation in team discussions, and commitment to strategic planning showcased a leader deeply invested in the success of the campaign. 

"Sometimes a lot of planning, a lot of strategy goes in, and he’s always committed to those things. He's given a lot of his time and energy into this campaign,” added Dravid.

Batting Maestro: Rohit's Tournament Heroics

The accolades extended beyond leadership as Rahul Dravid applauded Rohit Sharma's exceptional batting performance. Throughout the tournament, Rohit showcased his batting mastery, amassing a total of 597 runs in 11 matches at an impressive average of 54.27. 

Dravid emphasized that Rohit's batting not only contributed significantly to the team's success but also set a positive and attacking tone, aligning with the captain's vision for the squad.

He highlighted that Rohit's intent to lead by example was evident in his aggressive style, setting the tone for the entire team.

“His batting as well has been fantastic. He really set the tone for us. He wanted to play a certain way, he wanted to play in a positive, attacking brand of cricket and has been very committed to that. He wanted to lead by example and he did. I can’t speak more highly of him,” Dravid added.

Despite the heartbreaking loss in the final, India's journey in the World Cup was marked by resilience and determination. Seeking revenge for the 2003 final loss, Rohit's men fell short against the formidable Australian team in Ahmedabad. Australia's victory, claiming their sixth ODI World Cup title, added another chapter to their illustrious cricketing history.

While the final may not have ended in India's favor, Rohit's contributions and leadership have left an indelible mark, inspiring future generations of cricketers.