Jaiswal batted aggressively for RR in the entire IPL 2023

Known for his aggressive batting style, Jaiswal has been prolific in scoring runs for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL. However, on the second day of the first Test, we witnessed a contrasting approach from him, as he demonstrated adaptability to the conditions. 

Jaiswal showcased his mettle by adopting a patient approach, scoring approximately 20 runs before Lunch while facing 90 or more deliveries. Rathour praised Jaiswal's execution and commended his ability to adjust his batting approach, highlighting it as the standout feature of his innings.

"On the second day, he scored some 20 runs off 90 balls before Lunch. I think that for me was the highlight of the innings. Somebody who is able to do that, who can play against his character, his normal game, get through that phase and then score big runs, it was phenomenal to watch. 

Absolutely no doubt that he has great potential and great future with the Indian team in all three formats," the Indian batting coach added.