Rohit Sharma's leadership style allows players to cast aside their inhibitions, paving the way for them to play with an unbridled passion and commitment. He grants them the liberty to express themselves and unwaveringly backs their abilities.

“And if it’s a bowler, the worst is probably he’ll go for a few extra runs. That helps the players to develop a mindset where one can tame their fears, and helps them play their natural game. So he gives them the advantage of believing in themselves, by giving them freedom and backing,” he added.

Unleashing the Potential of Match-Winners

Bangar aptly cites the illustrious examples of Virender Sehwag and Rishabh Pant to emphasize the extraordinary potential within the Indian squad.

These fearless players have redefined the traditional norms of batting and have been instrumental in steering the team to victory. Even though Sehwag and Pant occasionally perished while attempting unconventional shots, their audacious style served as an inspiration for the entire team.

“If one does get out playing bad shots in a couple of matches, it does hurt. Two players come to mind as the biggest example for this is Virender Sehwag. When he used to play his shots he looked fabulous, but he even got out playing unusual strokes. Rishabh Pant is also very similar," said Bangar.

The former batter highlights the importance of nurturing a fearless mindset within the entire squad. If all players embrace this ethos, India could potentially have not just two or three but more than five match-winners.

"If that kind of mindset is developed amongst all players in the team, we’ll have not 2 or 3, but more than 5 match winners,” he added.

As Rohit and Team India embark on this exhilarating World Cup journey, the fearless cricketing spirit promises to redefine the essence of their campaign, setting the stage for a memorable and triumphant adventure.