He found it challenging to face fast bowlers when his vision was affected, and this opinion led to a strong statement.

"I just think it's the dumbest idea for cricketers when you've got this thing coming at you quickly and your eyes take so long to adjust and I think we just lost a wicket and the Perth Stadium lights went nuts and I was at the other end and it took me ages to get my eyes to go again and I felt like I had a headache.

"So I just try and cover up as much as I possibly can and ignore it but it's a horrible, horrible idea.

"Great for the fans, but horrible for the players," he added.

While Maxwell acknowledges that light shows are great for fans, he emphasized that they can be detrimental for players, especially when dealing with high-speed deliveries.

Breaking Records and Overcoming Illness:

Maxwell's record-breaking century was all the more remarkable when you consider that he was battling illness. In the lead-up to the match, he was unwell and even contemplated not playing. The illness left him feeling drained, but his determination and mental strength prevailed.

Maxwell entered the field with a different mindset than usual. He wasn't as eager as in the previous game but managed to channel his energy effectively. 

“Yeah, not great. I was sitting in the changing room and I didn't really want to bat, which is a bit different than last game where I was way too eager to get out there. And then we talked about over arousal levels and I probably reached double the maximum if you couldn't tell,” said Maxwell.

"But yeah, I was a little bit more chilled when I got out there. Didn't have many high hopes, I think. But yeah, I've been pretty cooked the last couple of days. Coincided with the sleepless night last night with the family over but – Yeah," he added