Waqar has identified a lack of discipline in Shaheen's bowling as a key issue, stating that the young bowler is attempting too many variations in his quest for wickets.

"The missing link in his bowling is discipline, and he is over-trying to get wickets," Waqar commented. "When you do the same thing again and again, like Shaheen is bowling to get his yorker going, then batsmen know that and they are ready for it."

In contrast, Jasprit Bumrah, the talented Indian pacer, has displayed impeccable lines and lengths in the World Cup, earning praise from Waqar. 

He said, "Bumrah is creating pressure, and his line is top of the off stump. He bowled so well against Pakistan and created pressure to get wickets."

Waqar believes that Naseem Shah's absence is also a factor

Waqar further speculated that the absence of Naseem Shah due to injury may have had a detrimental effect on Shaheen's performances thus far. Naseem Shah is known for his ability to maintain tight lines and not concede many runs.

"Naseem is a good bowler and doesn't give away many runs. When Naseem creates pressure, batsmen take chances with other bowlers, and they get wickets," Waqar explained. "I don't think it's because of missing just one bowler, but it's because they are not keeping it simple."

As the ODI World Cup unfolds, Pakistan is set to face Australia in Bengaluru on Friday. With Waqar Younis's valuable insights and a potential shift in approach, Shaheen Shah Afridi may find the path to regain his form and become a more effective force in the ongoing tournament.