This spirited celebration was captured on video and promptly shared on various social media platforms, creating waves of excitement and joy among cricket fans.

Adding to the delight of this jubilant dance was the presence of former Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, who joined his former teammate Irfan Pathan in the celebration. 

The video of the two former Indian cricket stars dancing in jubilation quickly went viral, becoming a symbol of cricketing unity and the joy that this sport can bring.

Notably, Afghanistan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman, a vital part of the team's success, shared the celebratory video and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Pathan for his unwavering support of the Afghan cricket team. 

Pathan's infectious enthusiasm and camaraderie have forged a deep bond between him and the Afghan Atalans.

Irfan Pathan has been effusive in his praise for Afghanistan, a team that has defied the odds and is now on the cusp of making it to the World Cup semi-finals. Pathan's jubilant spirit shone through when Afghanistan outwitted the defending champions, England, in Delhi. 

He was also seen dancing with Rashid Khan on the ground after Afghanistan achieved a historic win against Pakistan in Chennai, marking the first time in ODI history that Pakistan had been defeated by Afghanistan.

As the tournament unfolds, the world eagerly watches to see if Afghanistan can continue their impressive run and make it to the semi-finals, potentially scripting an even more remarkable chapter in cricket history.

Cover image: Times Now