The Australian captain believes that his team is well-prepared to play on any pitch

Addressing the media ahead of the much-anticipated showdown at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Cummins expressed readiness for any challenge the pitch might pose. 

Refuting suggestions that the pitch might lean in India's favor, Cummins emphasized, "Playing on your wicket in your own country has some advantages, similar to wickets you’ve been playing on your whole life. But we've played a lot of cricket over here."

Reflecting on the venue, Cummins suggested that the toss might not hold as much importance at this stadium compared to other grounds. "This venue – the toss isn't as important as, say, a Mumbai Wankhede Stadium or other venues. So, we'll be ready in terms of anything they'll throw at us," he added confidently.

Regarding the pitch's condition for the final, Cummins observed, "I'm not a great pitch reader, but it looked pretty firm. They've only just watered it, so yeah, give it another 24 hours and have a look, but it looks like a pretty good wicket."

The Narendra Modi Stadium has witnessed spinners making significant contributions in the tournament, although pacers have also left their mark. 

Spinners, while claiming 22 wickets, have notably showcased better economy rates compared to their pace counterparts, setting the stage for an intriguing battle between bat and ball in this crucial encounter.