Currie's blinder has left the cricket world in awe

“Oh he’s got it,” commentator Mark Butcher called, predicting the ball to clear the boundary. “He’s … oh my goodness me. Did you ever … see anything like that?”

“Filth,” England captain Ben Stokes tweeted after watching the catch.

With his exceptional figures of 3-27 in the initial innings, Currie rightfully earned the well-deserved title of Player of the Match as Sussex emerged victorious by a margin of six runs.

“I think you just act on instinct,” Currie told ABC News after the match. “Out came a flying version of me and it just sort of stuck. I think you just act on instinct,” Currie said after the match.

“I have been in the squad for a couple of games and you just get so hungry for it on the sidelines. Hopefully what I was doing was getting noticed and hopefully, we can spring a few games together now,” added Currie.